Operators are often "slightly" competitive. Its part of their DNA to always strive to do their very best in all aspects of life.

This competitive mindset expressed itself very clearly when we hosted an Operators Pop-up Coffee Club at the 2019 Outdoor Festival in Ry Denmark.

As part of demontrating our coffee and gear we saw a pattern of a "friendly competition" developing within groups of friends and families when they brewed fresh espresso on our handheld Nanopresso machine. Out of nowhere came the challenge of producing the "winning espresso" judged by the other members of the group or family and spectators.

At that precise moment the idea of creating and hosting the "World Outdoor Barista Championship" was born!

We have designed the WOBC as a team challenge because, we believe a great coffee break is a social event!

We hope coffee lovers in many countries will support this movement by hosting local and national championships and expand the WOBC series to coffee loving Operators all over the world!

"Excellence in life requires excellent coffee breaks!"

We believe that anyone who dedicates their life to working hard, achieving greatness, mastering skills within their field of work or sport, or has chosen to use their expert skills for the benefit of others, is a true Operator!

Operators Coffee Club® is a community for coffee lovers who share a common need for “Unplugged Coffee” when they are in remote areas of the world or on the go. If you are in the search of a world-class cup of coffee then you are a born member of Operators Coffee Club. In order to maximize your potential as an Operator, perform at optimum levels, and brew great coffee, it is crucial to adopt the philosophy of being a “lifelong learner”!

The thirst for great coffee and knowledge, combined with the never-ending quest for excellence, are the three main characteristics that fuel the actions of an Operator, and all high-achieving professionals and champions. Whatever the task or mission at hand, Operators approach it with a very positive, optimistic attitude. Operators are sure of their training and fully confident in making great coffee, no matter the size of the challenge or the situation they face.

We believe it’s important for you to know that your awareness, mindset, and approach to living the life of an Operator, is what makes YOU special! 

OUR Partners

Following great companies are our official WOBC partners:

  • Operators (espresso coffee beans)
  • CrushGrind (Ceramic Coffee Grinder)
  • Bialetti TuttoCrema (milk frother)
  • Klean Kanteen Scandinavia (Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles)
  • Jetboil (Flash Cooking System)
  • Wacaco Nanopresso and Barista Kit (handheld espresso machine)
  • Thise Mejeri (Organic Latte Milk).
  • BWT Denmark (Water Mineralizer Jug and Filter)
  • Toschi Vignola (Coffee syrup)
  • The Danish Outdoor Festival (Host event organizer)

We are happy to announce that A.H. Riise Spirits (Rum) has become WOBC prize sponsor.

WOBC partner for Denmark is Friluftsland (Outdoor Retail) who will host the Danish Outdoor Barista Championship (DOBC) local and national competitions.